Why even bother finding new leadership? The prosecutions of your last few “leaders” have not even started yet….

You want a leader?

Find someone that will tell:

The evangelicals about evolution.
The ceo’s they are going to be doing time.
The military industrial complex we can’t afford 2 billion a day.
The billionaires they may have to start paying taxes for once.
Their hordes tax cuts hurt more than they help.
Reagan, and Reaganomics were total failures.
Rush Limbaugh belongs in a prison.
Hannity is a liar, and Fox is pure propaganda.
The government does work. (I can’t stop laughing)

Now that would be a leader I may consider supporting….

Till then, you can keep losing seats, and losing seats, and los…..

P.S. yer screwed…..


Reaching across the aisle is good and all, but where will it end? Should President Obama continue to court Republicons when their “Trickle Down” – “Help the rich, and screw the rest” ideology, which has been totally rejected by the American People, and anyone else with half a brain? If the GOP has something to add to the debate that’s fine. As long as they are still pushing the same idiotic flat world Laissez-Faire hands off, cut taxes and borrow trillions policies, should anyone give them the time of day?